The Importance of Using Condom Sense

Valentine’s Day is the day that love is celebrated around the world, but did you know that February 13th has been designated International Condom Day? This is a great reminder to practice safe sex on Valentine's Day as well as that using condoms the right way is important to help you stay protected.

Why Use a Condom?

Condoms are very effective at preventing pregnancy and can also protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections (STDs), and lead to more serious diseases and health complications if left untreated.

When both partners are protected through condom use, sexual intimacy can be stress-free and more enjoyable.

How to Use a Condom Correctly

Both male and female condoms are available. Male condoms are worn externally over the penis, while female condoms are inserted into the vagina. Choose the one that’s best for you and use a condom every time you have sex.

Before you use a condom, it’s important to check the expiration date on the package. Expired condoms won’t provide the same amount of protection from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, so should never be used

You’ll also want to ensure that condoms are stored in a cool and dry place to keep them durable and effective.

Using a Male Condom

Carefully open the package so you don’t tear the condom. Remove from wrapping, place over the head of the penis, and pinch the tip of the condom to release air. Unroll the condom toward the base of the penis.

After sex, hold the condom at the base during withdrawal. Discard the condom in the trash.

Using a Female Condom

Unwrap carefully to avoid tearing. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring together and insert the condom into the vagina like you would a tampon, until you can no longer feel it. Ensure there is at least one inch of the condom visible outside the vagina.

Guide your partner’s penis into the outer ring of the condom. After sex, squeeze the outer ring and twist the top of the condom. Continue to hold as you remove the condom gently. Discard the condom in the trash.

Blood sample with requisition form for sexually transmitted infection (STI) test

STD Testing Is Important for Sexual Health

STDs don’t have to have symptoms to be contagious. Sexually active people who engage in intercourse with multiple or anonymous partners should be regularly tested for STDs before having sex. This way, if one partner tests positive, the other partners can take steps to get tested and treated.

Couples STD testing is another option for partners who are currently monogamous but have engaged in sexual intercourse with multiple partners in the past.

Private, Discreet STD Services

Getting tested and treated for STDs can be stressful and embarrassing for some, but the good news is that you can receive testing and treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Telemedicine is an easy and convenient way to get the medical help you need without having to travel to a doctor’s office. CallonDoc is America's highest rated telehealth provider and provides private and discreet ways to diagnose and/or treat STDs.

How CallonDoc Works

It’s easy to get started with CallonDoc. Simply select an STD from the list of conditions. If you are unsure what, if any, infection you may have, choose the “Unsure” option. Then answer a few relevant questions about your health and medical history and submit. Your information will be reviewed by a doctor who can write a prescription you can pick up at your local pharmacy within hours.

  • Available 24/7
  • 100% discreet-no phone or videos visits
  • No lab testing needed for treatment
  • 50% off partner treatment
  • Prescription pick-up from any US pharmacy in 1-2 hours

There’s no need to wait for your doctor’s office to open or suffer embarrassment. CallonDoc connects you with a board-certified medical professional right from the privacy of your own home.

The Healthcare Provider of Choice

Condoms can significantly reduce your risk of pregnancy and getting STIs, but it’s still important to get tested. CallonDoc has helped successfully treat over 2.7 million patients that needed medical treatment; get started today.

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