Immunization Schedule & Why it is Important to Stay on Track

The importance of up-to-date immunizations for children has been well documented.

Not only is it important for your child to stay up-to-date on their immunizations, but tracking and getting recommended vaccines on time can help prevent and protect them from serious diseases.

It has been shown that at various ages children are more susceptible to certain diseases. With vaccines at the appropriate times, they are better protected. By following these guidelines from our providers, you can prevent an infectious disease that could leave an adult sick but be life-threatening or deadly for a child.

The Well-Child Visit

The CDC recommends that all children visit their doctor for well-child visits. These visits involve tracking and recording information related to your child’s growth and development and provide a space where any concerns can be discussed.

These visits also involve administering CDC-recommended treatments for vaccine-preventable diseases, which would otherwise compromise their developing immune systems.

Healthcare providers have worked with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to create a recommended schedule designed to provide protection that is safe and effective in protecting your children from birth to their pre-teens.

Below is the recommended well check and childhood immunization schedule from the CDC. It is important to note that a child is not considered to be fully protected unless they stay on schedule and have all their vaccine doses.

How Can CallonDoc Help?

CallonDoc is a convenient and affordable way for parents and children to get the care they need from board-certified physicians without having to take their child to a pediatrician’s office or wait for a consultation.

Through this telemedicine service, pediatricians are able to diagnose and treat many common childhood conditions, including ear infections, coughs, asthma, sinus infections, and sore throats.

With CallonDoc, all you need to do is select a condition to be treated and provide information about your child's medical history. Shortly after you submit your child's consultation, a pediatrician will call you to go over symptoms and a treatment plan. No insurance is needed and most visits are $39.99.

Should your child require medication, the pediatrician can also write a prescription, which can be picked up the same day at your local pharmacy.

Parents choose CallonDoc because we are there to support them and their children whenever they need care, including nights and weekends. We make sure your child gets the care they need from a pediatrician when they are not well. Our pediatricians can treat a wide variety of conditions from the comfort of your home, allowing your child to rest and recover instead of having to travel to a doctor’s office.

Our pediatricians can also answer any questions and guide you on your child’s well-being and any treatments that may support their health.

Visit CallonDoc today to speak to a pediatrician about your child’s immunization schedule.


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