CallonDoc Focus: Get Treated for STDs without Testing

Most people typically assume that when it comes to STD treatment, you’ll need to go to a doctor’s office and get tested. Not only can the entire process be unnerving, but going into a doctor's office can be uncomfortable, timely, and expensive. However, there is now a more accessible option for STD treatment with telemedicine. CallonDoc provides same-day relief for STD symptoms without the hassle of appointments, lab testing, and face-to-face visits.

Specializing in asynchronous consultations, an online text-style visit, our board-certified medical providers offer STD treatment online for a reduced cost that is 100% private and from the comfort of home on your phone or computer!

Simply select a condition and fill out the medical intake form. Then, we'll review and prescribe the appropriate treatment plan that is available for pick-up at any US pharmacy in 1-2 hours.

Not sure what STD you have? No problem, we can still help treat you. On our STD page, select "unsure" and answer a few questions about your symptoms. Our medical providers will know what treatment option is best based on the medical and sexual history as well as other information you can provide. 

Does your partner also need treatment? We can help keep both of you sexually healthy and provide 50% off partner treatment.

STD treatment chart

Want to understand classic symptoms associated with each sexually transmitted disease? Here's a quick overview of the symptoms associated with each condition. If you need relief for any uncomfortable symptoms associated with an STD, get treated now online and get a prescription the same day.

STD treatment without insurance too!

Not only does CallonDoc make online STD treatment easy, but we make sure it's affordable for everyone as untreated STDs can lead to long-term health complications (read more about this here). CallonDoc is one of the highest-rated and lowest self-pay telemedicine providers, with most visits only $39.99. You can also take advantage of our Rx savings card to save up to 87% off prescriptions at the pharmacy, or use your insurance. Our team also provides itemized receipts for insurance reimbursement.

Let’s talk about privacy….

Our team understands the importance of privacy, that’s why we do not require phone or video visits. CallonDoc also ensures that no marketing materials or personal information gets sent to you or your home and follows strict HIPPA guidelines for your ultimate patient protection. Another essential thing to understand is that CallonDoc never shares information about your condition with the pharmacy, so when you pick up your prescription, the pharmacist only knows the medication you’ve been prescribed, not the reason behind it. Most importantly, your billing statement will not reveal any medical information. 

At CallonDoc, we care about your privacy and overall health. Our priority is to help you to stay sexually safe, reduce transmission and prevent HIV. So get treated from the comfort and privacy of home day, night, or on weekends.

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