5 Reasons Why You Should Still Use Telemedicine After COVID-19

With the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, more people utilize telemedicine than ever before. Once viewed just as an alternative to traditional doctor visits, telemedicine is quickly changing healthcare as we know it.

Unlike usual doctor’s visits, talking to a doctor online won't give you instant access to tests like mammograms or lab work. However, the service does offer unique benefits not always achievable through an in-person doctor’s appointment.

With the COVID-19 pandemic gradually passing its peak, many people assume telehealth may be a thing of the past, but they’re sorely mistaken. With the pandemic allowing people to fully exploit the power of the internet and technology, the popularity of virtual doctor’s appointments is set to keep increasing.

And if you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why many still plan on using telemedicine after COVID-19.


1. Quality Care

In the past, patients doubted the effectiveness of online medical care. However, many surveys and data on telemedicine have proven that the quality of healthcare provided by telecommunication could challenge traditional doctor-patient interactions.

About 76 percent of patients care more about introducing artificial intelligence into healthcare over continuing reliance on human interaction. Throughout various situations and medical conditions, telehealth has delivered exceptional results and generated higher patient satisfaction.

Telemedicine also makes accessing specialist care or instruction much easier, which could help improve the overall care a patient receives.


2. Convenience

Traditional doctor visits required patients to set up an appointment, drive to the doctor’s office, sit in a germ-infested waiting room—you get the idea. Telemedicine cuts out all the unnecessary steps and makes it easy for patients to consult with a physician from virtually anywhere.

With many telehealth services teaming up with pharmacies, getting quick access to the medication you need without having to leave the house, arrange for child care, or take time off from work is a massive benefit.

Plus, if you’re worried about the health of a family member, a virtual doctor’s appointment is a great way to quickly and unproblematically get help from a professional.

Most telehealth services are also available 24/7, allowing patients to see a doctor whenever they want or need to.


3. Access to Care

Distance and travel time between patients and care providers can limit access to care. In the U.S., for every 100,000 rural patients, there are only 43 specialists available. Telemedicine allows us to overcome geographic barriers within healthcare. For years, telehealth has benefited rural areas by providing healthcare services where clinician shortages exist.

Telemedicine can also help prevent people in rural areas from getting extremely sick and then requiring emergency medical care.

Another seldom mentioned benefit of telehealth comes from the relative sense of privacy achieved when consulting a doctor over video chat or an online message system. This allows people to access help for often stigmatized conditions like sexually transmitted diseases.


4. Affordable and Cost-saving

By using telemedicine, patients can minimize healthcare costs by reducing travel time and expensive medical fees. They also prevent the need for taking time off work, hiring childcare, or paying for gas to travel and visit a specialist.

Remote analysis and monitoring services have also played a role in significantly reducing healthcare costs for patients.

Additionally, traditional doctor visits can become extremely costly for those who do not have health insurance. By using a telehealth service such as CallonDoc, patients can access healthcare without digging deep into their pockets.


5. Saves Time

Time is money. By spending less time driving and waiting, patients can address medical concerns quickly and effectively.

With CallonDoc specifically, patients can consult a doctor and receive their prescription within one to two hours. Patients are no longer forced to spend hours in waiting rooms or pharmacy queues.

Using CallonDoc’s telemedicine services, patients get instant access to a board-certified physician who can consult on pre-existing conditions, recommend treatments, refill prescriptions, offer psychiatric treatment, or refer patients to an in-person doctor for blood tests or other screenings.

If you are interested in taking advantage of simplified, cost-effective medical care, use CallonDoc to talk to a doctor online today and get the care you need when you need it. CallonDoc is the highest-rated telemedicine provider in the nation and is one of the only telehealth providers that is available 24/7 and does not require an appointment or insurance. CallonDoc is also the only telemedicine provider to offer a free 2-week follow-up visit with every consultation and at-home tests.


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